Judge Tracie M. Hunter has been committed to public service her entire life and professional career. An attorney for 22 years, Hunter founded a private legal practice that included criminal and civil representation of children and adults. During her career, Hunter served as an Attorney Guardian Ad Litem for abused and neglected children with Pro Kids; represented indigent adult and children as a contracted Attorney for the Public Defenders Office; and provided private legal counsel on probate, personal injury, real estate and civil rights cases. Hunter filed a lawsuit on behalf of a man who was racially profiled in a televised episode of Dateline, resulting in a settlement.

Hunter ran for Judge of Hamilton County Juvenile Court in November 2010 to provide a better and safer future for all children and families. After 23 votes separated Hunter from her opponent, she sued the Board of Elections for voter suppression after discovering they had disenfranchised thousands of voters from mostly African-American and Democratic precincts. Hunter won her case in a historic 93-page landmark ruling. After the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Board of Elections to count nearly 300 votes, while her opponents appealed the ruling, Judge Hunter was declared the rightful winner 19 months later on April 26, 2012, beating her opponent by 71 votes and overturning the 2010 election results. Hunter’s win was reconfirmed in a recount requested by her opponent. Hunter’s case, Hunter v Hamilton County Board of Elections, which changed election law in the State of Ohio, is featured on the Ohio State University Law School’s website as one of the most important election cases since Bush v. Gore. Judge Hunter was sworn in on May 25, 2012, making her the first African-American Judge in the 110-year history of Hamilton County Juvenile Court. After less than one year on the bench, Judge Hunter’s bold rulings changed law in the State of Ohio.  Due to Hunter, Prosecutors must now turn over police reports, formerly withheld,  and all evidence that may prove the defendant is innocent of the alleged offenses. 

In January 2014, Judge Hunter was suspended as Judge after the prosecutor, who represented the Board of Elections against her, falsely accused Hunter of crimes after she filed an ethics complaint against the prosecutor’s office for misconduct in juvenile cases appearing in her courtroom and the negligent handling of over 20 lawsuits brought against her as Judge by the Prosecutor, Cincinnati Enquirer and WCPO after Hunter prohibited media from printing children’s names or showing their faces.  Despite being threatened with over 13 years in prison, Judge Hunter maintains her innocence on all counts and is fighting their abuse of the criminal justice system. 

Hunter is Pastor of the Western Hills Brethren In Christ Church. In 2009 she was appointed the first African-American Senior pastor in the Brethren In Christ denomination nationwide and the first female Pastor of Cincinnati’s local BIC congregation. Hunter’s mission is to help individuals reach their full potential intellectually, physically and spiritually. She conducts trainings and speaks for churches and corporations across the country.

A journalist and broadcaster for over 25 years, Hunter led the oldest and longest running urban Gospel radio station, WCVG, in Cincinnati. As founder of TMH Media Group and CEO of Kingdom Life Ministries, Inc., she founded MyUrbanGospel.com, an Internet radio station broadcasting spiritually inspirational programming, news and information. Hunter also hosted “Tracie Live,” radio talk show for over 15 years; hosted “In Focus” cable television program for 12 years; and has written numerous articles for various newspapers and magazines.

To rebuild community and curb urban violence, Hunter has led over 200 prayer walks in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s toughest neighborhoods; and has taught over 100 churches how to organize prayer walking missions. Guidepost Magazine documented that in April 2002, a prayer walk Hunter’s team coordinated with over 1000 people was instrumental in squelching a violent uprising during civil unrest in Cincinnati.  From 2006-2013, Hunter’s ministry team prepared and served meals to hundreds of Cincinnati’s homeless community.

Pastor Hunter is a sought after inspirational speaker, motivating people of all ages to reach their full potential and purpose in life.  She has received innumerable awards and recognition for her leadership, advocacy and service to the community, especially for her commitment and compassion to pursue justice for all.