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Proverbs 24:11 Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death: don’t stand back and let them die.

You can’t disclaim responsibility by saying you didn’t know.


God will reward all according to your deeds.

Did you know : November 2, 2010 John Williams was declared Judge before all votes were counted from majority black and democratic precincts. Williams was director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

Did you know : November 21, 2010 Hunter had to file a lawsuit against the Board of Elections to count the votes. (Judge Hunter eventually won the lawsuit and the Board of Elections was made to count the votes ). Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters represented the Board of Elections against Judge Hunter on this case?

Did you know: While Judge Hunter fought for the Board of Elections to count your votes, Gov. John Kasich appointed John Williams, the loser of the Juvenile Court race against Hunter, as the Juvenile Court Judge. On
December 1, 2012, six-months after Hunter was sworn in as Judge, the Ohio Supreme Court changed Rules 3 & 4 of the ( Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio ) to prevent Judge Hunter, the only elected and most
senior judge from becoming the rightful administrative Judge. John Williams and Prosecutor Deters manipulated the rules to steal Judge Hunter’s title. They also removed the annual rotating clause to prevent
her from ever obtaining the administrative judge in violation of the children’s constitutional rights.

Did you know: that Judge Williams with Deters help is illegally controlling the entire Juvenile Court?

Did you know: Juvenile Court, Common Pleas & Appeals Court are controlled by Deters’ friends and family? Nepotism -favoritism granted to relatives. Cronyism - Partiality to longstanding friends.

Did you know: The jury forewomen (Sandra Kirkham) contributed $500 to State Senator Bill Seitz’s campaign. Bill Seitz is the father of Hamilton County Jury Coordinator Brad Seitz. Brad Seitz hand picked the panel of jurors in Judge Hunter’s case. A WCPO employee was also on Hunter’s jury. This is Nepotism and Jury fixing!

Did you know: The Jury Forewoman, Sandra Kirkham, is married to a lawyer that worked for the law firm that represented WCPO when it sued Judge Hunter. Sandra Kirkham lied on her jury questionnaire to get on Judge Hunter’s jury. Lying on a jury questionnaire is grounds for a mistrial and criminal charges, but Judge Nadel protected Kirkham. Kirkham said in videos found online that she dislikes Pastors. Judge Hunter is a Pastor!

Did you know : Judge Hunter was sued over 20 times in her first few months as Judge by Prosecutor Deters, the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners, Cincinnati Enquirer, WCPO and the Public Defender for protecting . children and making prosecutors follow the law. Hunter was forced to be represented by Joe Deters and lawyers picked by Deters: Firooz T. Namei and James Bogen. Commissioner Todd Portune admitted that those attorneys recklessly failed to file answers in 12 lawsuits, causing Judge Hunter to lose all 12 cases by default.

When Judge Hunter appealed those cases to protect the Juvenile Court, she was charged with four felony counts of theft and misuse of a credit card for doing the job that Deters, Bogan and Namei recklessly failed to do, harming Hunter. Joe Deters, Bogan and Namei should be charged with crimes for taking county money for jobs they did not do.

Did you know: Joe Deters selected the special prosecutors in the case against Hunter, although Deters also initiated the accusations against Hunter after she filed an ethics complaint against him for the reckless handling of cases filed against her; and the misconduct of prosecutors in her courtroom. Special prosecutor Scott Croswell and Merlyn Shiverdecker are Deters’ personal defense lawyers, now representing him in his divorce.
They never prosecuted a case until Judge Hunter. It was a violation of ethics and laws for Deters to select the special prosecutors when Joe Deters had a direct interest in the outcome of Judge Hunter’s trial.

Did you know: that the special prosecutors Joe Deters hired had a blank check at the taxpayers expense? They admitted that they had not decided how much they would bill Hamilton County for their services?

Did you know: it has cost Hamilton County Taxpayers over $2.5 million dollars to prosecute Judge Hunter, and that Deters is asking for $500,000 more to retry her on 9 felonies they couldn’t convict her on the first time.

Did you know: that Judge Hunter’s defense lawyer requested a poll of the jury after the verdict was announced
in the Hunter case, but was denied the right to poll the Jury even though the law requires it?

Did you know: when Joe Deters brings a suit against Judge Tracie Hunter and the cases are appealed they go before his mother-in-law, Sylvia Hendon Presiding Judge of the 1st District Court of Appeals. Judge Hendon is
presiding over Judge Hunter’s cases while she is suspended. Judge Hendon is ruling on cases in both the juvenile court and the appeals court at the same time. It is a huge conflict of interest and violation of ethics for Judge
Hendon to be serving on the Juvenile Court and Court of Appeals where juvenile cases are appealed.

Did you know: Deters sent a press release accusing Judge Hunter of murdering two people intentionally tainting her jury trial? Deters knew that Judge Hunter’s rulings years prior had nothing to do with murder.

Did you know : Judge Patrick Dinkelacker, the judge in Hunter’s 2nd trial killed a black woman after he lost control of his car and went left of center? Dinkelacker was never cited for his crime; but will rule over Judge

Did you know: that Judge Dinkelacker was a court of appeals judge that ruled on Judge Hunter’s juvenile court cases. Dinkelacker’s rulings were used against Judge Hunter in her first trial. It is a conflict of interest and
unethical for a Judge that was involved in evidence used against Judge Hunter to be her judge.

Did you know : Backlogged cases has been a historical problem in Juvenile Court. When Judge Hunter discovered that the court was falsely reporting case data to the Ohio Supreme Court, she refused to sign the
false reports, instructed the court to clean up the problem, resulting in a complete overhaul of the court’s case management system and notified the Supreme Court of the inaccuracies. Judge Hunter also requested a
complete audit of all juvenile court case files, which Williams refused.

Did you know: it was only after  Hunter requested an audit and filed ethics charges against Prosecutor Deters, for suing her and representing her at the same time, that the prosecutor accused Judge Hunter of crimes to hide what she had uncovered.

Did you know : When Judge Hunter was sued by the Public Defender’s Office, Judge Williams, per Supreme Court records, had more cases out of time but was not sued and Judge Hunter’s cases were timely.

The concerned citizens of Hamilton County requests the 120,000 people who voted for Judge Hunter to unite in support of the Judge you elected. We need you to participate in the 40 days of Action. We all believe in what
Judge Hunter campaigned for: Rehabilitation, Education, Application and Restoration. Re-Affirm your support
of Judge Hunter today: Demand that the bogus felony charges against Judge Hunter be dismissed; Demand Judge Hunter be returned to the bench NOW; Demand Joe Deters be removed for prosecutorial misconduct;
Demand those who changed Judge Hunter’s judicial entries be prosecuted. Attend the “Coalition for a Just Hamilton County” meetings and like them on Facebook.