CHAIN OF JUSTICE In support of the exoneration of honorable Judge Tracie Hunter

Join us as we create a Chain of Justice on Reading Road from MLK Avenue in Avondale to Summit Road in Bond Hill on SUNDAY, July 14th, from 2pm-4pm.  The Call to Action -Townhall on Saturday June 22nd, was a success after hundreds came out to support the honorable Judge Tracie Hunter to learn ways they could help as she continues this ten-year fight for her innocence and freedom.  The Coalition of a Just Hamilton County which consist of many organizations: Interdenominational Ministry Alliance, Cincinnati NAACP, National Action Network, The Black United Front, SCLC, Nation of Islam, The Church Collaborative, Concerned Citizens for Justice, Community Church of Cincinnati, New Vision Missionary Baptist Church, In God’s Hands Christian Youth Center and the Western Hills Brethren in Christ Church.

Citizens of all ages and background gather on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and strategized on ways to grab national attention to the incredible miscarriage of justice that has our first elected African American Female Democrat Juvenile Court Judge removed from her seat and forced into unjust imprisonment.


After the Board of Elections discarded thousands of votes in the 2010 election, Judge Hunter fought in federal court for those votes to be counted. Hunter proved that many Black Voters’ provisional ballots were thrown out, due to poll-worker error. The election lawsuit lasted nearly two years, but the court

ruled in Hunter’s favor, ordered provisional votes to be counted and solidified Hunter as the first African-American and first Democrat Juvenile Court Judge in the history of Hamilton County.


They could not beat Hunter at the ballot box, so they tried to beat her down on the bench. Close to 30

improper lawsuits were filed against Judge Hunter. When the prosecutor’s office insisted on representing Hunter, despite a conflict of interest, and intentionally lost those cases, by failing to answer them, Hunter filed an ethics complaint against the Prosecutor’s office. Prosecutor Deters retaliated with 10 trumped up felony charges, bypassing Hunter’s judicial immunity. Nine charges were dismissed after a forensic expert proved her accusers destroyed the computer hard drive and sold it.


Judge Nadel refused to poll the jury, per ORC 2945.77. When the jurors agree upon their verdict, they must be conducted into court by the officer having them in charge. Before the verdict is accepted, the jury may be polled at the request of either the prosecuting attorney or the defendant. If one of the jurors, upon being polled, declares that said verdict is not his verdict, the jury must further

deliberate upon the case. 


After Judge Nadel refused poll the jurors publicly, three African-American jurors signed sworn affidavits stating, “guilty was not their verdict.” Despite this revelation, Judge Nadel refused to declare a mistrial or grant a new trial. Not only was Judge Nadel unfair, but he went out of his way to deny justice to Judge Hunter.


Judge Hunter was denied judicial immunity. The Judge currently presiding over her case, (Patrick Dinkelacker), ran over and killed a black woman, but was never charged with her death and is still a Judge. The Prosecutor that had Hunter indicted was caught securing a public contract for

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Pat Dewine’s sons, which is a violation of ORC 2921.42, but neither were charged with crimes. The JUST-US System.


The ongoing fight for freedom and total exoneration has lasted nearly 10 years. Although Judge Hunter remains strong in her faith, she may be forced to pay the ultimate cost of jail to defend the TRUTH. We ask our community to unite and stand for someone who sacrificed everything to stand for us.


  1. Sign the online petition on (Dismiss
    the Charge Against Honorable Judge Tracie Hunter)
  2. Join 100 men and 100 women as they stand in
    solidarity with Judge Hunter at the Courthouse (downtown) July 22, @8am
  3. Bring friends and family to join the Chain of
    Justice on Reading Road from MLK Avenue in Avondale to Summit Road in Bond
  4. Go to the Cincinnati NAACP to sign the
    Prosecutor Term Limit Petition
  5. Commit to the ongoing fight for Justice at the
    Juvenile Court in Hamilton County